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Eviction from your home.  You'll lose your home and any equity that you may have established

Stress and uncertainty. You don't know exactly when you will have to leave your home.

Damage to your credit. Foreclosure will impact your ability to get new housing, credit, and maybe even potential employment, for many years.

Deficiency balance. The lender may continue to hold you responsible for the unpaid balance of the loan, called a deficiency balance, after the foreclosure sale.

No relocation assistance. You may lose any relocation assistance or leasing opportunities that may have other wise become available to you with other options.

Long wait to buy another home. Fannie Mae prohibits you from getting a Fannie Mae mortgage for at least 7 years according to their guidelines.

We help homeowners use a Short Sale to avoid home foreclosure in Somerset County and Middlesex County New Jersey real estate market.

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